Annual EveningSong

What are its origins and history?

Modern Evensong is believed to be descended from the traditions and practices of the medieval monastic offices of the Roman church.

In 1549, these were consolidated and incorporated into the first Book of Common Prayer, which was published as part of the English Reformation (separation from the Roman church).

Much of the contents of the book was produced by the scholar Thomas Cramner, who was Archbishop of Canterbury during Henry VIII’s reign. He researched, translated and simplified old prayers for use in Anglican services.

Evensong today is observed daily at many cathedrals of the Church of England, the Church in Wales, the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church of Ireland, and at university college chapels. University choral evensong is usually sung during term time, and replaced by Evening Prayer when the choirs have broken up for holidays.

Episcopal Church and Anglican churches in the US and around the world also observe the tradition.

Come join the St. Andrew’s Society of Jacksonville on November 26, 2023 at St. John’s Episcopal Catherdral starting at 5 pm. Come and be apart of one of the most exquisite events of the year, represent the St. Andrew’s Society in the beautiful procession and enjoy the beautiful music, food and fellowship after in the hall in order to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day.

Set up begins at the Cathedral at 3 pm; We ould love for you to volunteer and be apart of your Society. Services start at 5pm with fellowship and food to follow service.

For more information or want to get involved with the Society please email the St Andrew’s Society of Jacksonville

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