St. Andrew’s Society of Jacksonville Membership Information

ELIGIBILITY FOR MEMBERSHIP: Any person, regardless of age, national origin, or religious belief who has, over an extended period of time, expressed and possessed both a genuine interest in the purposes and objective of the Society and a love of Scottish heritage and tradition, and who will work to uphold, promote, and encourage the perpetuation of Scottish heritage and tradition, all to the satisfaction of the membership committee is eligible to apply for membership.

If you would like to donate, pay for membership dues or reservations:

Make a Payment or Donation

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Single Membership Dues- $25.00
Family Membership Dues- $35.00
Burns Dinner or Tartan Ball Reservation- $50.00

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Membership Types

Membership runs January 1 through December 31 and shall be in one of two categories, with dues indicated as appropriate:

Active Single MemberOne member over 18$25
Active Couple or Family MembershipTwo spouses, children$35
Non-resident (non-voting) Single Membership*One member over 18$15
Non-resident (non-voting) Couple or Family Membership*Two spouses, children$20

*NON-RESIDENT: Any applicant or member residing more than 50 miles from Jacksonville may be designated as a non-resident member by the Board of Directors.

Dues are collected at a half-rate after July 1 of each year for new memberships only. Renewing members must still pay full price for the coming year. Payment for membership must be by check or money order.

Please complete the online form here.

Or you may download the Membership Application and return it, along with your payment, to: St. Andrew’s Society of Jacksonville, PO Box 551473, Jacksonville, FL 32216.

or email application to and make payment through this website.

2023 Officers of the St. Andrew’s Society of Jacksonville are:

President: Ann Taylor

Vice President: Michele Oliver

Secretary: Dawn Pope

Treasurer: Chrissy Verdin

Membership Chair: Ashley Burg

Quartermaster 1: Ingram “Ace” Collett

Communications and Media Chair: Open

Member At-Large: EJ Taylor

Quartermaster Two: Open

Vote for your 2023 Board of Directors anonymously online here.

Contact Us

To contact us, you may write to:

Saint Andrew’s Society of Jacksonville
PO Box 551473
Jacksonville, FL 32216

The St. Andrew’s Society of Jacksonville is a 501 (c) 3. Non-Profit Organization. Contributions to the Society, including membership dues, are tax deductible. 100% of the funds contributed go to the regular business of the organization including but not limited to storage and transport of educational materials; presenting and supporting Scottish cultural and educational events; and scholarships to dancers, pipers, and students of Scottish history and culture.  Contributions may be earmarked to the scholarship fund if desired. 

Donation of goods to be sold at auction to benefit the Society are tax deductible on the basis of the actual cost of the item donated. Donors who purchase items at a charity auction may claim a charitable contribution deduction for the excess of the purchase price paid for an item over its fair market value.

 Fee charged for attendance at events sponsored by the St. Andrew’s Society of Jacksonville, including Burns’ suppers, are not tax deductible, being reimbursement for goods and services acquired by the Society on behalf of the attendee.