New Releases from Luath Press That May Interest You

The Trials of Mary John’s Daughter by Christine De Luca

Waas, Shetland, 1773. A ship bound for the New World runs aground on the shores of Shetland, and the arrival of its stranded passengers ferments suspicion in the close-knit Waas community that must take them in. The kirk watches over all on the island, and amidst these events a young woman finds accusations of sin placed before her. Based on true events pieced together from parish records, The Trials of Mary Johnsdaughter is a remarkable work of Shetlandic fiction from former Edinburgh Makar Christine De Luca.

The Reluctant Rebel, a Jacobite Adventure by Barbara Henderson

The Reluctant Rebel is a new work of historical fiction from acclaimed children’s writer Barbara Henderson. The Jacobite rebellion of 1745 rages, and the Battle of Culloden spells disaster for the cause. In the aftermath, the young stable boy Archie strives to keep himself and his cousin Meg safe. Lying low in Lochaber, and intent on forsaking the failing cause after his father’s death, Archie must make a choice when none other than Prince Charles Edward Stuart himself asks for aid. With a focus on key moments and highland landmarks, The Reluctant Rebel is a gripping children’s adventure that immerses its readers in Scotland’s living history.

Highland Walks by Nick Grainey

Nick Drainey invites you to explore some of the best trails the Central Highlands have to offer from the Black Isle to the River Tay. Highland Walks details 32 routes, all accessible by public transport, between Perth and Inverness. These journeys take you to wood, river, loch and glen, each accompanied by a helpful trail map and scenic photography. This guide provides you with distances, difficulty ratings, interesting facts, instructions for access, and recommendations to make the most of your days out.

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