Volunteers Wanted for the St Augustine Parade and Celtic Festival

Are you planning on joining Saint Andrew’s for the parade and Celtic Festival in St Augustine on Saturday, March 11th and Sunday, March 12th? We need you to walk in the parade with us and/or spend a few hours at the SASJ table talking with our guests and society members.

The parade will be Saturday morning, meet up time is 9am. It’s about a mile, Lea I surely walk through historic St Augustine. A beautiful experience! We get to interact with the crowd, hand out pamphlets, candy and dog treats.

The SASJ table is open all day Saturday and Sunday. Any time you can didicate is appreciated.

If interested please reply to this communication with the approximate timeframe you are available, and also please let us know if you can walk in the parade with us. We hope you will!

More information about the St Augustine Parade and Celtic Festival can be found here:

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