Clan Sutherland

It’s here, this is the month SHED (Scottish Heritage Education Day) returns! This month the Saint Andrew’s Society of Jacksonville is sharing information on our fellow organizations, presenters, demonstrators, clans, and vendors who are working to bring a great SHED experience to you on Saturday, September 24th at the Clay County Fairgrounds.

The county of Sutherland is one of the two most northernmost counties in mainland Britain, Caithness being the other. The name derives from the Norse word “Sudrland”, that is land to the south of the Norse earldom of Orkney and Caithness. Sudrland did not include the North and Western parishes of the modern-day county of Sutherland. These were part of the traditional Clan Mackay territory, purchased in 1829 by the Marquess of Stafford (later created 1st Duke of Sutherland shortly before his death in 1833) and husband of the Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland in her own right and 19th holder of the Earldom of Sutherland.

You can visit Clan Sutherland at SHED on Saturday, September 24th. More information about Clan Sutherland can be found here:

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