Happy Independence Day, SASJ!

The United States takes our independence seriously. We are a patriotic nation and love to see our beautiful U.S. flag flying high. Today we celebrate Independence Day, a day we officially recognize the statement of independence through the great writings of the Declaration of Independence, on display for the world to see in our National Archives in Washington D.C. What a sight to behold!

It is worth understanding that our U.S. grit, endurance, and will to overcome all odds originates in our very diverse founders. We stand on the shoulders of many great men and women who gave enormous effort to secure U.S. independence through their efforts as laborers, runners, soldiers, spies, cooks, diplomats, and politicians, among many other roles. They, and their families, came to the U.S. colonies from all over the world. They immigrated in hopes of making a good life for their families, and what they discovered gave them a hopeful future. Some of these strong men and women came to us from Scotland. Among the most notable are John Paul Jones, Hugh Mercer, Arthur St. Clair, John Witherspoon, James Wilson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Monroe.

Happy Independence Day! Land of the free, home of the brave.

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