Your Unique Perspective is Needed for a Scottish Diaspora Survey

SASJ, Campbell MacPherson is a current student and researcher attending St. Andrew’s University in Scotland. Campbell is currently conducting research under his advisor and needs survey participants who are Scot descendants who do not live in Scotland. Campbell’s research will produce results that align well with our mission in educating on Scottish history and culture. Campbell has agreed to share his research results with us once completed and published. Please take a moment to read Campbell’s request and short bio below. This anonymous survey is just a few quick questions and should only take about 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for supporting Campbell and his research on the Scottish diaspora!

Hello descendant and Scots!

I’m Campbell, a current undergraduate student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. This summer, I am conducting research into the Scottish identity as felt by the Scottish diaspora. If you are a descendant Scot living outside of Great Britain, I would like to invite you to get involved with my research by filling out a short (5 min) survey about Scotland, your Scottish identity, and how being Scottish impacts your life overseas.

Participation is voluntary and confidential, and if you are interested, you can find the link at the bottom of this message. If you have any questions about participation or the research in general, please reach out to me on messenger or at

Very best,


To expand on my background, I’m a University student at St Andrews, currently in my second year, but this research is being conducted through the Laidlaw Foundation in which I am an undergraduate Scholar. More on that here:

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